hReview Creator

The other day I posted a link to hCalendar-creator, javascript program that will help you build hCalendars. I now present to you the hReview-creator.

This page will help you to build the markup for an hReview. The idea is to provide a tool that will help you get the basic markup right. You can then copy and paste the output into your blog or other authoring tool and tweak the markup and layout however you see fit.

As always, let me know [ryan at this domain] if you have any problems or suggestions.

4 Responses to “hReview Creator”

  1. Danny Says:


    One thing that would be very useful would be to include the head profile attribute (as mentioned on the Wiki around the XMDP material), or at least suggest that users of the creator include it. With the profile it’s possible to automatically GRDDL the semantics out as RDF, without it you’re reduced to unreliable scraping.

  2. Raw Says:

    hReview Creator

    Following a tip from Douglas Clifton (of drx fame) I find Ryan King has done a hReview-a-matic thing. Rather handy, as it gives me something more to work with for Expressing hReview Data in RDF. (I just had another brief DNS problem on that domain, j…

  3. ryan Says:


    Good suggestion. The creator could probably do with a bit more documentation.

  4. ryan Says:

    Oh, and there’s currently no profile url for hReview. I’m told its on the todo list for v0.2.