Death to Area Codes

I really wish the whole concept of long distance vs. local calls would die. The reason? I want to keep the same cell phone number for the rest of my life, no matter where I move. Unfortunately, it is somewhat inconvenient to have a non-local cell phone number, since some people will then be less likely to call.

I think this hope of mine may eventually become a reality. I know many people that are moving to a cell phone only life. Many people have free long distance, so this helps. Also, the trend in the telecomm industry will help. Because, until not long ago local and long distance phone companies were not really allowed to compete against each other. Now, however, SBC offers long distance service and Sprint offers local service.

Ideally, everyone would just be accustomed to 10 digit numbers. They would definitely make memorization a bit tougher, but, at least in my experience with a cell phone, I hardly ever dial a number…nearly every call comes out of the address book.

Is anyone with me?

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