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Back in SF, again

Thursday, June 1st, 2006

So I’m back from my European adventure– a week in Amsterdam, a week in Edinburgh and 5 days in London.

After getting off the plane last night, I had only 2 goals– get a burrito as soon as possible (thanks Papalote for opening up right by my home!) and stay awake long enough to reset my sleep schedule to this timezone. The as-huge-as-my-head burrito almost defeated the second goal, but I managed stay up until at least the sun went down, then slept for 12 hours. Yeah, I was tired.

Anyway, I’ve already written about XTech and my week in Amsterdam.

Bu Edinburgh. Edinburgh was tremendous! I met lots of interesting people, ended up filling in for Molly on a tutorial, met a potential future co-worker and ate fresh fish ‘n chips. Need I say more?

The microformats tutorial went really well, despite some opposition I think Brian and I changed some minds and did some education. The slides are available.

WW2006 (the conference I was attending in Edinburgh) was thoroughly inspiring. My area of expertise (or, at least, the area I’ve been spending the most time on in the last year) is the Web– its architecture, interactions and tools. For some reason, I decided at WWW2006 that I was more interested in the Data Mining track, so I went to those sessions almost exclusively. I was in totally over my head, but I loved it.

I’m not accustomed to being out of my league. At least, I’m not used to feeling that way– I’m probably out of my league all the time, I just don’t notice.

Anyway, after that thoroughly stimilating week, I hopped down to London for a few days of holidayvacation. It was my first time in London, so I mostly did some sightseeing and was almost totally disconnected from the interweb.

I guess it counts as vacation because I came back relaxed. It was weird coming home to SF after so long. Since moving to SF a year and half ago, I’ve been away for more than a week. Coming home to SF after being gone almost 3 weeks was a strange feeling. I’m not sure if it feels like home yet.

Ok, back to uploading pictures to Flickr. I’m still uploading photos from Amsterdam. I’ve got about 150 more photos to upload.

Masters’ Project

Thursday, January 26th, 2006

School is back in session for the spring and, in addition to taking a class in developing distributed software, I’m starting work on a Masters’ project. I looks like I’ll be working with the Slashpack group on some research around the blog data published by Intelliseek for WWW 2006. I’m really looking forward to it, and will definetly make sure to blog about things as they start to emerge.

Eran‘s also been blogging about his ideas for a project in his posts Distributed Social Anything, wherein he discusses a “distributed version of” and Using a DNS-like model for Distributed Conversations, in which he talks about a hypothetical protocol for tracking distributed conversations.