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Spoon @ The Warfield

Thursday, November 17th, 2005

Spoon owned the Warfield last night.

spoon at the warfield
photo by buzz

We got to the show in the middle of the opening act, American Music Club— some SF natives who I made sure to catch, based on a recommendation from Brian.

I wasn’t overly impressed with them. According to Britt Daniel (Spoon’s frontman), then may be “one of the last great American Rock ‘n Roll Bands.” He probably right, they played a straight-up rock ‘n roll style, not pushing any boundaries or doing anything innovative (except for singing about gay strippers from Columbus, OH). Britt also said that their manager referred to AMC as “pre emo,” which could easily be shortened to preemo and applied to a large number of bands which wish to assert their authenticity as rockers in a world of rock-wannabes.

Spoon, on the other hand, have no need to assert their authenticity- they play their music, their way and they obviously enjoy doing it. Britt Daniels plays with a great deal of emotion, as any guitar playing frontman must. And he’s backed by a solid group, who never let down and never missed a beat.

Just as on their albums, Spoon managed to be both catchy and raw at the same time. They build songs up to hooks which will repeat in your head all night, all the while remaining unpolished and meaningful.

(this is an event hreview by ryan king)