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New HTML Working Group

Friday, October 27th, 2006

Tim Berners Lee, the Director of the W3C, has just announced (on his blog, no less) that the W3C will be starting a new Working Group to work on HTML (in parallel to the existing WG, which will concentrate on xHTML).

A few comments about the announcement:

  • It doesn’t seem clear how the new and old HTML Working Group’s will interact. I wonder if the old one is being kept around as a compromise for those who still prefer that HTML be a strict XML dialect?
  • TimBL mentions the WHATWG, an independent, less formal group with has been working on an alternative future for HTML. According to Hixie (the leader of WHATWG), TimBL is wrong to say that WHATWG has no process. They have a process, which is, as Hixie puts it: i listen to people, i make a decision, i publish, rinse, repeat.
  • I wonder if WHATWG and Hixie in particular have been contacted and/or recruited to join this new WG? I doubt how successful the new HTML WG can be without the support of the the individuals involved in WHATWG.
  • TimBL says As always, we will be insisting on working implementations and test suites.. I find this somewhat disingenuous, was many existing W3C RECs (recommendations) don’t have test suites and where formalized without having interoperable implementations.