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Monday, July 17th, 2006

So, I’ve taken on a new project. Yeah, as if I need to reduce either my sleeping or socializing time any more.

Anyway, I’m helping Eric take S5 out of the realm of a one-man band, into world of more open and productive collaboration. For those who don’t know, S5 stands for “Simple Standards-based Slide Show System” and is very simple and easy to use (for anyone who can write HTML) presentation software . I think you’d like it.

So, long story short, I’m running as an attempt to make the world a better place- or, at least to make S5 better.

Go check out my annoucement for more info.

Sam Jackson’s my bro

Wednesday, June 7th, 2006


Sunday, April 23rd, 2006

I’ve been getting to use Ruby quite a bit lately, mostly for schoolwork. Ruby has a nice little operator, <<, which is used to append items to objects. The only other language I’ve used that has this operator is C++. So, I figured I’d reconstruct the C++ stuff in ruby:

  class Object
    def cout() $stdout end def endl() "\n" end

  cout << 'oh' <lt; ' ' <lt; 'yeah' <lt; endl;

Office Hours

Wednesday, April 19th, 2006

For a long time I’ve been suggesting/threatening that we have a weekly IRC meetup for microformateers. We have an IRC channel for discussing microformats, but rarely do we have the critical mass of active participants sufficient for having ongoing conversation. I believe that WordPress developers do something similar and they were my inspiration for the idea.

When I met Dan Connolly at SxSWi last month, I realized that he was extremely willing to work on microformats, but needed to schedule out time to coordinate. So, since I couldn’t get the idea of a weekly meetup off the ground, I came up with a simpler idea– I scheduled a weekly time, in which I’d commit to being in the microformats IRC channel for at least an hour.

So, at 2PM (Pacific Time) on Wednesdays I’m always in the IRC channel. The only other regulars to stop by are Dan and Brian, but we’ve been able to crank out a bunch of hCard and hCalendar test cases and bugfixes for X2V.

I suspect that, at some point, this may grow into more than just “office hours” for me; it may grow into a full-fledged meetup.

Moral of this story? If your idea isn’t working, try a simpler one.


See Dan’s related post.

RDF in Ruby?

Monday, April 17th, 2006

Earlier today….

  1. eran: trying to install from source
  2. eran: cant get this crap to work even from source
  3. eran: are they seriously planning to build the semantic web over this??? 10 years and they don’t even have a working library.
  4. ryan: yeah
  5. ryan if you can’t get a library that’ll work in ruby on mac osx you aren’t trying
  6. ryan: and you are going to get ‘web developers’ to do it
  7. eran dude, i’m talking about linux
  8. eran: it’s not like fedora core is some obscure distro either
  9. eran and they’ve been using ruby for “semantic web” project for like 3 yrs now
  10. eran if not more

Seriously, there’s gotta be an RDF library for Ruby that works, no? And by works I mean, is installable.