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What I did yesterday…

Friday, October 26th, 2007
  1. Quit my job
  2. Get a new apartment.
  3. Get called “crazy” by my mom.

Obviously the third follows from the first two.

And yes, I literally submitted my letter of resignation and signed my lease on the same day. The rest of my day was less exciting.

Some explanation…

Leaving Technorati

I decided recently to leave my job at Technorati. The reasons are varied and mostly personal.

I’ve been at Technorati for quite awhile. I started in May of 2005 as an intern, while finishing grad school at USF. After finishing school, I came on board full time.

When I joined we were about 18 or so people. We grew to around 45 but have since been reduced, through layoffs and departures to around 25 or so. Of the people working at Technorati now, only 4 who’ve been there longer than I have.

I’ve worked on many different projects: some launched, some dead, some popular, some unpopular. My work has touched pretty much every area of our infrastructure, from our spider to our HTML and CSS. This includes programming in 6 different languages*. Seriously.

I say all this to say that I’ve given all I can to Technorati and its now time for me to move on to other projects.

My last day at Technorati is November 16th, for those in the Bay Area, there will likely be a shindig around that time to celebrate (or mourn, depending on your opinion of my decision). What the UpPownceBook-sphere (or this space) for details.

After that I’m going to be doing some consulting work. I’ve talked with a few people about this already, but as of now I have no firm commitments. So, if you’re interested in having me work on a project basis with your team, let me know. For an idea of what I could help your team with, see my resume


Cameron and I have been looking for an apartment to move into together for about four months. We were finally offered one that we like, so we jumped on it and will be moving this weekend. We’re gonna be at 26th and San Jose, part of the Outer/Lower Mission, also not far from Noe Valley, Bernal or Glen Park.

Once again, for those in the Bay Area, there will be festivities at some point. Likely closer to the holidays (did I mention we have a working fireplace? I didn’t? Oh, well now I did.)


As Cameron said “its like you’re rebooting your life”. Well, kinda. I seem to do this ever few years. Last time was nearly three years ago, when I picked up and moved from Kansas City to San Francisco for grad school. I knew no one in San Francisco at the time (besides my grad school advisor). Of course, at the time, I was miserable living in KC. I’m not miserable now, just uninspired and in a funk.

* PHP, PERL, Python, Javascript, Ruby and Java (plus I’ve written HTML and CSS)

Technorati WTF

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

I’ve been pretty busy at work recently. I just started as a fulltime employee at the beginning of the year. I joined the Search team, but I’ve been working on the Product team to release a new product- Technorati WTF.

What is WTF? It’s a little feature for the site where our users can submit explanations (known on the site as ‘blurbs’) about topics that pop up on the site. For example, see explanations about WTF.

To be honest, when I first heard the idea I was skeptical. You may be too. Once I had a chance to play around with it, I got addicted. In addition to writing explanations, you can vote on other’s explanations. Anyway, give it a try.

Also, we have a fake superbowl commercial to promote it:


Friday, September 15th, 2006

In addition to starting school again (for the last time). I’ve been working hard. I’ve reengineered the technology behind our microformats search at Technorati (currently still in our kitchen, aka ‘labs’). It’s been a fun project especially because I’ve gotten to work with a fun language, framework and libaries (this one too).

I guess it’s finally time to take a breath.

Microformats dot org 1-year anniversary

Monday, June 19th, 2006

Tomorrow, June 21st is the one year anniversary of Microformats dot org. Its really tough to believe that I’ve been working on this for more than a year. And, after a year, things seem to be going stronger than ever. Here’s some random thoughts:

  1. When we started the site, we thought the project would have a limited shelf-life. We really thought we’d spend six to nine months working on new formats, then that’d be it. We’d then go on publishing and building tools. We have many ongoing efforts and there’s no end in sight.
  2. Its taken longer for us to get microformats search going than I expected. There’s been a lot of good things going on at Technorati.
  3. Microformats have gotten more positive reception from members of the UpperCase Semantic Web Crowd than I expected. I’ve also learned a lot more about those technologies and that crowd.

Of course, since its Web 2.0, and Web 2.0 is about the partying, there’ll be a Microformats Dot Org anniversary party tomorrow night at 111 Minna. See upcoming for details.


Saturday, May 20th, 2006

A bit of XTech wrapup, loosely organized….


Got to see some friends/acquaintences:

Got to meet some people:

Went to some talks:

  1. Paul Graham: How American Are Startups?, see Jeremy’s reaction
  2. Matt Biddulph: BBC on Rails, mo’ data, mo’ beta
  3. Mark Nottingham: HTTP Caching for Web 2.0, eh
  4. Steve Pemberton: The Power of Declarative Thinking, some have been annoyed by my recent obsession with declarative functional languages. This only made it worse.
  5. Suw Charman: Ignorance is not a defence (digital rights stuff), good overview of how the digital age has affected our rights
  6. Paul Hammond: Open (data) can of worms, business and philosophic ideas around open data
  7. Tom Coates: Native to a Web of Data, great talk, though Tom needs more than 45 minutes for it
  8. Thomas Vander Wal: Developing for the Personal Infocloud, good stuff
  9. Ben Lund: Social Bookmarking for Scientists, about Connotea
  10. Simon Willison: Django: Web development on journalism deadlines, Django looks very useful, maybe I should actually try it someday
  11. David Beckett: Semantics Through the Tag, an overview of semantics and tagging– need to write more about this.
  12. Jeff Barr: Amazon Web Services, *snore*
  13. Jeff Barr: Mechanical Turk, *snore*
  14. Brendan Eich: Javascript 2, awesomely lambda geeky

Gave some talks:

  1. Microformats from the Ground Up
  2. The Intelligent Design of Microformats

Drank some beers:

  • Heineken
  • Palm – tasty Belgian beer
  • de Koninck
  • … and others I don’t remember clearly

There’s a bunch of other ideas and thoughts I’ll blog soon.