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Tuesday, April 25th, 2006

There’s something about digital media that really bothers me– ephemerality.

I’m not sure why this bothers me so much, but it really does. It bothers me even more that it doesn’t bother you.

Tonight, while heading to meet Courtney for dinner, Eran and I were talking, and I mentioned that I’d really like to update the style of this blog– as I’ve mentioned here before–but have a demand that seems to be unfulfilled. When I update the style of my blog, I want the existing, archived content to retain its current appearance, not take on the new style.

Now, it seems that very few people care about this. In fact the only other person I’ve found that cares about this wrote his own blogging tool in HyperCard. I think some of you might know him.

Anyway, Eran thinks I’m crazy for caring. I think all y’all are crazy for not caring.

I think you care too much about having a ‘dynamic’ website. But will your website stand the test of time? Will it endure?

Writing and thinking about this takes me back to a conversation I had several months ago. The topic was “what will happen to my website when I die?” Currently, no one else was access to my website, except for my host sysadmins.

Will my website just rot? I hope not.

Anyway, to step back from the ledge a bit…

Seriously, I want the archives of this site to retain their current look– they’re a snapshot in time. Are there any tools which support this?