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Thursday, August 17th, 2006

When I was first setting up this website, shopping for domain names, all of the ryanking.* names were taken (but unused by their owners). This is one of the reasons I ended up with

Awhile back, however, I noticed that was coming up for renewal. Hoping that the owner would not renew it, I setup an auto-registration request at GoDaddy. Unfortunately, my auto-register script didn’t get to the domain before a squatter did. Now the squatter wants to sell me the domain. Here’s an email from the new owner/squatter:

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for your enquiry.

A search for “ryan king” shows approximately over 209,000 results from Google.

Names such as are very much in demand especially as there are more than 60 MILLION domain names currently registered.

If you consider that just recently sold for $1,020,000, for $135,250, for $55,000 and $52,500 etc there have been many other 5 figure sales – I’m sure that our asking price could be considered an investment for a domain of this quality.

The price of this domain is £7,000 Great British Pounds or US$13,350
(close offers may be considered). This is a one off payment for the rights to the domain, however you will be responsible for paying the yearly registration (approx $30).

I certainly don’t think the domain is worth US$13,350. I’m going to make a counter-offer, but I’m not sure how much I should offer.

How much do you think the domain is worth? Anything? Am I just wasting my time and money?

I could never be a specialist.

Tuesday, March 28th, 2006

I’m just too interested in too many things. This also makes it hard to focus on any one thing.

Gender Balancing

Monday, February 6th, 2006

While helping a friend get started on Yet Another Social Networking Site today, the topic of gender balance online came up again. It seems that no matter what, every online or technology related social situation ends up with more men than women being involved.

Now, I’m not a social scientist, so I don’t having any defensible theories on why this is the case, nor any solutions for fixing The System, but I do have an idea/experiement I’m going to try.

I have accounts on a bunch of social networking sites, but there’s only two that I use on a regular (daily) basis: flickr and dodgeball, so my experiment will be confined to just these two sites.

My experiment is this– I’m going to create and maintain gender balance in my list of contacts on those sites, equal numbers of men and women. In the short run, this means removing men from my contacts lists, but so be it.

I’m sure this seems to many like a superficial, simplistic and artificial way to solve this problem, but seriously, I’m frustrated and don’t know what else to do. Hopefully this is a good starting point.

Who’s with me?

Geek Rules Podcast

Friday, January 27th, 2006

The lovely ladies over at the Geek Rules are pimpin’ me out as the “Geek of the Week,” on this week’s podcast. Hells yes.

I haven’t listened to the podcast, but you should. :D

Upcoming conferences

Tuesday, January 24th, 2006

2006 is looking to be a busy year. Here are the conferences I’m planning on going to (details yet to be worked out):

  1. codecon – February 10-12 – San Francisco
  2. South by Southwest (Interactive, Film and Music) – March 10-19, Austin
  3. Computational Approaches to Analyzing Weblogs (AAAI Spring Symposium) – March 27-29 – Palo Alto
  4. NetSquared – May 8, 9 – San Francisco
  5. XTech – May 16-19 (probably only if my presentation gets accepted) – Amsterdam
  6. WWW2006 – May 23-26 (hopefully, see above) Edinburgh
  7. Intl. Conference on Web Engineering – July 11-14 – Palo Alto

… and that’s just the first half of the year.

I hope to learn alot and meet some interesting people.