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Birdmonster, Division Day and Two Seconds

Saturday, September 30th, 2006

I went and saw Birdmonster play at Slim’s last night.

Opening were Division Day and Two Seconds. (I’ve seen Divsion Day before before, but I don’t remember exactly where and sonicliving isn’t helping, since it won’t let me search past shows.)

Anyway, they play some relaxed but complex sounding rock with some pop appeal. Check them out on myspace.

Two Seconds are Sierra Frost and Lily Faden, two young girls from San Rafael who have a lot of potential. It’s obvious that they have talent and drive, but they seem to lack the confidence needed to take risks with their music. While the drumming was consitently solid, the songwriting and guitar playing tended toward cliché and bland. Nevertheless, check them out on myspace.

Now to the headliner, Birdmonster. I’ve seen Birdmonster a number of times and my friends Ali and Willo are friends with the guys in the band. I’ve always liked them both live and on their record, but I have to say that they’ve stepped their game up a notch. As a band they’re tighter and more confident, which leads to a certain amount of relaxation on stage, which leads to even better music. They’re playing well and will only get better. Expect big things from them.


Saturday, September 30th, 2006

Don’t worry, before March I didn’t know what SSPU stood for either. But now I do.

If you haven’t heard of them, the Silversun Pickups are an indie rock band from LA that has been making waves in the indiekid scene this year.

I saw them for the first time at a Filter Magazine party at SxSW this year. I just went for the free food, but came away loving this band (then I got some free shoes at the Saucony-sponsored party next door!).

I’ve seen them play a few times since then, including last night at the Rickshaw stop. They rock more each time.

Also, their drummer’s cymbal stand seems to get taller each time.* See it float above the crowd.

Some random highlights from the show:

  • Nikki broke a string on her bass. She rocks.
  • They played, I think, a four song encore, all requests. Ali got a request in.
  • One of the opening bands,Viva Voce was amazingly good. The title of their current album is Get Yr Blood Sucked Out and Anita Robinson is an awesome guitarist.

* An interesting anecdote. After I made a comment along the lines of “that cymbal stand keeps getting taller every time I see them, and I’ve seen them four times”, the girl in front me turned around and said “I think I’ve seen them six times”. To you that may sound like she was being a snob and you’d be right. But she was being the same kind of snob as me, which made it perhaps the hottest thing I’ve heard in awhile.