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A suggestion for the Sun Niagra Server Trial

Sunday, March 19th, 2006

Adam Kalsey talks of his trials in getting a demo server from Sun.

Adam has a new startup, Tagyu, so it has no credit history, so Sun asked him to supply a credit card to secure the demo server. Sun needs some way to assure that they’ll get the server back, which is more than fair, but their requirements make it hard for young startups to get a server.

So, beside basing the security on credit, why not just base it on physical security? In other words, just keep the server at Sun and let Adam use it.

For situations like Adam’s where he’s got a brand-new startup, Sun should just host the server for him. Seriously, it will cost Sun more in bandwidth and electricity, but those costs could easily written off and/or recovered when Adam later decides to buy some servers.