Moving on from inursite

Starting today, I’m going to be stopping work in The site will continue running, but I may have to scale things back a bit to make it more affordable to operate.

I started to scratch an itch. After its initial launch I realized that there was a latent demand for something like it, but not quite exactly like it. I spent quite awhile trying to figure out what that should be.

I talked to a lot of people about it, I spent a couple of months working on nothing but inursite (with no client work, that meant burning through savings) with the idea that if I can find something that could take off and become a sustainable business within a few months, I’d pursue it.

Along the way I figured out what inursite should be (at least, I have a working hypothesis). The problem is that my hypothesis doesn’t fit into the one-man-bootstrapping model I’m currently working with. I don’t want to give up the model (though I also don’t think working on projects alone is ideal for me).

I promised myself if I couldn’t get it to take off within a few months, I’d move on to another project and give that a try. So, that’s what I’m going to do, albeit 3 months later than the self-imposed deadline I’d created for myself.

Anyway, I already have a new project in the works. You’ll hopefully hear more about it soon.

2 Responses to “Moving on from inursite”

  1. Julien Says:

    Sorry to hear that! But cheer up, the next project might be the good one!

  2. Melody Says:

    Excited to hear about your new project! Keep us informed.