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inursite free accounts update

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

After launching the pro version of last week, it became very obvious that the free version needed some updating.

So, today we are releasing an upgraded version of the free account. Previously you would only get 5 pages checked for free. Starting today, you can get 1 site checked for free. Use it wisely.

As part of the upgrade process, all free accounts had their 5 pages replaced with one site. We tried to do our best to guess which site you’d want to have checked, but in case we didn’t, you can log in and change it.

inursite pro launch

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Tomorrow I’ll be attending the Start Conference, which marks a self-imposed deadline for launching my current project.

Awhile back I launched a new project, It was a very simplistic implementation of a simple idea, which has proven to be quite popular. Today its becoming something more.

I’m releasing a major upgrade today. Until today, would only check specific pages for HTML validation errors. The new version will crawl an entire site (up to 100 pages a day*) and give you reports about the results. It will validate any HTML, CSS, RSS and Atom it finds. I hope that despite this added functionality it still simple and easy to use.

The new service is available via subscription only, at $5/month for up to 5 sites**.

If this sounds appealing to you, then head over and sign up then upgrade to a pro account. If you have any problems, please post a note on the Get Satisfaction page for inursite.

* only pages that have actually changed since the last crawl and checked and counted against the limit
** More paid plans are in the works.

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