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Friday Five: There’s a First Time for Everything

Friday, November 16th, 2007

The name is inspired by the sf_indie yahoo group. The idea came from Mark Trammel. The music came from my friends.

What we have here is the modern equivalent of a mixtape– a series of songs mixed together in a single MP3. There’s no theme to this one, just a bunch of songs I like that fit together.

Here it is: There’s a First Time for Everything (mp3).

Track listing:

  1. Box by Tokyo Police Club from Smith
  2. Bigger Than Your Boyfriend by Washington Social Club from Bigger Than Your Boyfriend
  3. Hands in the Dark by Chromatics from In Shining Violence
  4. You’re a Wolf by Sea Wolf from Leaves in the River
  5. Take Me to the Riot by Stars from In Our Bedroom After the War