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WWW2006, so far

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006

I’m at WWW 2006 this week, in Edinburgh. Its a lovely city, despite the rain and chill (I won’t complain about San Francisco’s wetness anymore).

Yesterday, I spent the day in a workshop on Collaborative Web Tagging, then went over to a local event, Refresh Edinburgh, to give a presentation on microformats with Brian.

Today, I’m sitting in a workshop on the weblogging ecosystem. There’s a lot of interesting material, it will take me awhile to digest all of it.

The rest of the week looks very interesting, more to come later.


Saturday, May 20th, 2006

A bit of XTech wrapup, loosely organized….


Got to see some friends/acquaintences:

Got to meet some people:

Went to some talks:

  1. Paul Graham: How American Are Startups?, see Jeremy’s reaction
  2. Matt Biddulph: BBC on Rails, mo’ data, mo’ beta
  3. Mark Nottingham: HTTP Caching for Web 2.0, eh
  4. Steve Pemberton: The Power of Declarative Thinking, some have been annoyed by my recent obsession with declarative functional languages. This only made it worse.
  5. Suw Charman: Ignorance is not a defence (digital rights stuff), good overview of how the digital age has affected our rights
  6. Paul Hammond: Open (data) can of worms, business and philosophic ideas around open data
  7. Tom Coates: Native to a Web of Data, great talk, though Tom needs more than 45 minutes for it
  8. Thomas Vander Wal: Developing for the Personal Infocloud, good stuff
  9. Ben Lund: Social Bookmarking for Scientists, about Connotea
  10. Simon Willison: Django: Web development on journalism deadlines, Django looks very useful, maybe I should actually try it someday
  11. David Beckett: Semantics Through the Tag, an overview of semantics and tagging– need to write more about this.
  12. Jeff Barr: Amazon Web Services, *snore*
  13. Jeff Barr: Mechanical Turk, *snore*
  14. Brendan Eich: Javascript 2, awesomely lambda geeky

Gave some talks:

  1. Microformats from the Ground Up
  2. The Intelligent Design of Microformats

Drank some beers:

  • Heineken
  • Palm – tasty Belgian beer
  • de Koninck
  • … and others I don’t remember clearly

There’s a bunch of other ideas and thoughts I’ll blog soon.

BarCampsterDam II

Saturday, May 20th, 2006

I’m sitting at BarCamp Amsterdam II (or, as I prefer to call it– BarCampsterdam) just chillin’. Its been a good week here in Amsterdam, but more on that later.

Happy Mother’s Day

Saturday, May 13th, 2006

Mr T. “Treat Your Mother Right”

European Tour

Thursday, May 11th, 2006

I’m sitting at CTTP right now, preparing for my last exam of the semester, which I have to take earlier than the rest of the class. Though everyone else is taking the exam next week, I have to take it tomorrow. Why? I’m takin’ a little trip.

Sunday, I leave for Amsterdam, where I’ll be attending XTech. Brian and I are giving a tutorial on microformats, and I’m also giving a talk on designing microformats.

After XTech, I’m going to be handing around at BarCamp Amsterdam II.

After BarCamp, I’m flying up to Edinburgh for WWW 2006, where I’m not presenting, but just going as a representative of Technorati and microformats.

After www2006 is done, I’m headed down to London for a few days for some R&R (or something close to that). If you’re gonna be around any of these times/places, let me know, I’d love to meet up.