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Monday, February 27th, 2006

Yesterday morning, I was standing on a pair of skis at 9800 feet above sea level with the wind blowing snow in my (sunburnt) face.

This morning, I was standing at about 100 feet above sea level, about 3 miles from the beach, with the wind blowing rain in my (sunburnt) face.

I think I can get used to living in California.

bye bye iTMS

Friday, February 24th, 2006

For awhile, I’ve been buying most of my music from the iTunes music store. Not any more.

I just got a shipment from Amazon with 6 CDs in it, which brought more excitement that a download never could.

I know others are going the other direction, but I’ve found that buying all my music digitally is just too ephemeral. I love having a shelf full of gem cases for my CDs.

Sure, whenever I get a CD, the first thing I do is rip it to MP3. Still, I really appreciate having the physical media.

MashupCamp jumped the shark

Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

I’m just gonna come out at say it: MashupCamp took what was a great thing, co-opted it and sold it out. I know, I was there.

On today, there’s a pretty silly puff piece about the camp, focusing mainly on David Berlind, one of the organizers (who happens to work for the same company as the publication who published the article).

The article talks about the unique nature of MashupCamp, how it was somewhat free-form, where the attendees created the experience as the event unfolded, rather than having it all planned up front. And the article makes it sound as if David Berlind invented the concepts.

That’s bullshit.

Last August, me and some friends instigated an event called BarCamp, in which we took the same approach– no pre planning of discussions/panels/sessions and lose organization. But, we didn’t invent the concept, we borrowed it, without apology, from FooCamp, “Friends of O’Reilly” Camp, which was running at the same time (I’ll tell more of that story later.).

They had great idea, which was inspired, I’m sure, by Open/Free software communities. FooCamp’s great, we took their ideas, but we also did it in 6 days, for a couple thousand dollars!

Less than 10 people, six days, a few thousand dollars!

Let me repeat: few, fast, cheap!

Oh yeah, and about 300 people showed up.

Let me repeat, three-hundred.

The formula’s been repeated, too, with subsequent BarCamps in other locations – few, fast and cheap works.

So, then comes MashupCamp, which is planned in ‘a couple of months,’ has corporate sponsors but still asks attendees for donations, has a closed attendee list (not all of which actually show up) and it gets billed as ‘the new thing’. Please. This is ridiculous.

Update: I forgot, ‘MashupCamp’ has actually been trademarked, too. Lame. (thanks for the reminder Chris).

Update: Eugene Kim says it better than I can:

But what most people fail to get is that you can’t just steal the name and the format, slap together a Wiki, and expect to replicate the spirit of the original event, just as you can’t just slap an OpenSource license on a piece of software and expect the hacker community to shower you with love. You need to be authentic.

Technorati Favorites

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006

Technorati’s Favorites launched. Here’s my favorites.

Add this blog as a favorite.

Mucho Camp

Sunday, February 19th, 2006

In case you aren’t cool enough to have made it into the un-unconference for the un-geek, aka MashupCamp, come hang out with us at MuchoCamp. It’s gonna be more fun!