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Tuesday, July 6th, 2004

After a little research, I discovered a few interesting facts about towns named Springfield:

  1. Springfield is not the most common name. The most common name is Fairview with 275 occurances in 42 states and Puerto Rico.
  2. There are at least 71 Springfields in at least 36 states and possessions. The following list is copied from :
  1. Springfield, Alabama x4
  2. Springfield, Arkansas x2
  3. Springfield, California
  4. Springfield, Colorado
  5. Springfield, Florida x2
  6. Springfield, Georgia x9
  7. Springfield, Idaho
  8. Springfield, Iowa
  9. Springfield, Illinois
  10. Springfield, Indiana x2
  11. Springfield, Kentucky
  12. Springfield, Louisiana
  13. Springfield, Massachusetts
  14. Springfield, Maryland x4
  15. Springfield, Maine
  16. Springfield, Michigan x2
  17. Springfield, Minnesota
  18. Springfield, Missouri
  19. Springfield, Mississippi
  20. Springfield, North Carolina x4
  21. Springfield, Nebraska
  22. Springfield, New Hampshire
  23. Springfield, New Jersey x2
  24. Springfield, New York
  25. Springfield, Ohio
  26. Springfield, Oregon
  27. Springfield, Pennsylvania x2
  28. Springfield, South Carolina x3
  29. Springfield, South Dakota
  30. Springfield, Tennessee x2
  31. Springfield, Texas x3
  32. Springfield, Virginia x8
  33. Springfield, Virgin Islands
  34. Springfield, Vermont
  35. Springfield, Wisconsin
  36. Springfield, West Virginia

Wouldn’t it be confusing to live in one of the Springfields in Georgia or Virginia? You would always have to describe to people which one you lived in.

I’d also like to point you to this interesting theory about Springfields.