Last First Day of School

My 19 year journey, leading from kindergarten at William Southern Elementary School in Independence, Missouri through to Masters’ studies at the University of San Francisco is on its last leg.

Today I had the first class of what should be my last semester. I’m amost done. I’m almost a master. You will be calling me Master Ryan.

Anway, I’m taking two interesting, if different courses– Human Computer Interaction and Parallel and Distributed Computing. Two ends of the spectrum in my degree, but both interesting.

4 Responses to “Last First Day of School”

  1. Dimitri Glazkov Says:

    The somewhat unexpected thing about getting a Masters degree is that nobody’s actually starting to call you a Master. You just hang somewhere in-between, not quite an ordinary graduate, not quite a Doctor.

  2. and rudeness Says:

    Congrats man! It’s exciting when you are almost done!!

    Then you have to wake up and get a “career job!”

    Good Luck!

  3. the ryan king » Progress Says:

    […] In addition to starting school again (for the last time). I’ve been working hard. I’ve reengineered the technology behind our microformats search at Technorati (currently still in our kitchen, aka ‘labs’). It’s been a fun project especially because I’ve gotten to work with a fun language, framework and libaries (this one too). […]

  4. theCollegeKid Says:

    Hey there. Today was my My Last First Day Of School.

    It’s weird. I’m guessing your already graduated, which is even weirder, but even cooler. Congradulations on surviving in school.