Negative Blogging

Andy and Chris informed me last night that I only blog about things I don’t like, making this a rather negative blog.

I’ll see if I can find something I like to write about.

3 Responses to “Negative Blogging”

  1. limbo Says:

    fee fi fo fum
    i see another reason for including CSS with microformat data.

    yeah i know that doesn’t rhyme but looking at your post on bloglines and then clicking through to the actual blog i noticed that you included XFN info with the links to Andy and Chris. This was rendered on your blog with the “met” * but not so on bloglines. If suggested CSS was included with the microformat (say in the profile, maybe?) bloglines could have displayed it in a more consistent manner.

    so why dont you write about that some more? as if you don’t do enough of that on the list ;)

  2. Jackson Says:

    Positive blogging sucks. Oh wait, I think I suffer from the same symptoms as you.

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