Google Talk

Why should I care about Google creating an IM network?

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  1. Lachlan Hunt Says:

    It’s actually a reasonable little IM client, without all the unnecessary bloat that others like ICQ and MSN thrown in. The only issues I have with it are that voice conversation doesn’t work with non-Googletalk IM clients and that voice conversation only works between 2 people at a time (though, the “hold call” feature is quite nice). I really want one that allows for 3 (or more) way voice conversations. So far, the only way I’ve found to do so is to have Google talk between 2 people: A and B, MSN simulaneously between A and C and ICQ between B and C, giving a nice 3 way chat (at least, when we can get ICQ to work)

  2. ryan Says:


    But I don’t use Windows. And I have Skype.


  3. Ryan J. King Says:

    Hello there, nice site. It is by some coincidence that you and I should share the same last name and are both bloggers. You’re a credit to the name.
    Ryan J. King

  4. Lachlan Hunt Says:

    Thanks Ryan, I hadn’t heard of Skype before. It’s great and did just what I wanted with the conference calling abilities. :-)

  5. Ed Summers Says:

    This just in (well sorta): “Google plans to destroy all information it can’t index”. If you want to be able to continue having realtime conversations via the Internets, and private thoughts to express I would start using Google’s chat service shortly. Bow down and worship them.

    Seriously, if google had any sense they’d see the shift in how they are being perceived and start new companies with different names under the Google umbrella. They don’t need any more market recognition.

  6. Matthew DiFrancesco Says:

    I agree with Ed Summers, they should start acquiring small business (or create them) and build them up like Cisco for example.